Compete at the Cyber Range
Compete at the Cyber Range
Compete at the Cyber Range

Take Advantage of EC-Council’s Autonomous, Big Data, Advanced Cyber Range Solution!

By design, we bring the full power of a military-grade Cyber Range, the complexities of enterprise systems, and automate the entire process making those environments accessible, and affordable to cybersecurity learners.

With Cyber Range you get:

Challenges and Guides
Immerse yourself in on-demand practice challenges and guides that serve as a constant compass for navigating your skill development. These resources enable you to assess your capabilities, uncover pertinent risks, and enhance your expertise continuously.

Individual Competitions
Participate in individual competitions that not only put your skills to the test but also contribute to your CyberQ Leaderboard Ranking. Your performance in these competitions serves as a measure of your proficiency and highlights your position among other participants.

Team Competitions
Engage in exhilarating team competitions, where you compete alongside fellow members of your team against all other teams within CyberQ, including those from your own organization. Your performance in team competitions influences your organization’s CyberQ Leaderboard Ranking, fostering a sense of collective achievement.

CyberQ Report
Following each competition, participants who achieve notable rankings receive a Certificate of Completion and a comprehensive CyberQ Report. This report provides an insightful breakdown of your skillsets, comparing them to those of other participants and industry frameworks. It serves as a valuable resource when seeking employment opportunities or internships, showcasing your capabilities and accomplishments.